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Política y Actualidad

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France After 2012 Gabriel Goodliffe
Issues in EU and US Foreign Policy Münevver Cebeci
Converging Post-War European Discourse Thomas C. Hoerber
Energy Security and Environmental Sustainability in the Western Hemisphere Remi B. Piet
World of Protracted Conflicts Michael Brecher
How to Demolish Racism Michael Haas
Handbook of European Intelligence Cultures James M. Nyce
Challenges of European Governance in the Age of Economic Stagnation, Immigration, and Refugees Henry F. Carey
Anarchism in Local Governance Stephen Condit
Political Science Revitalized Michael Haas
Region-building Ludger Kuhnhardt
Roads to Congress 2014 Sean D. Foreman
Hubris, Self-Interest, and America\'s Failed War in Afghanistan Thomas P. Cavanna
Anarchism in Local Governance Stephen Condit
Region-building Ludger Kuhnhardt
European Union beyond the Crisis Boyka M. Stefanova
Reading the Presidency Mary E. Stuckey
Moderation and Revolution Andrea Micocci
Human Rights Without Democracy? Gret Haller
Commoning with George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici David Harvie

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