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  • Under the Full Moon

    Por Bobbi Romans ,

    en Romance , Fantasy y Fiction

    F+W Media,

    páginas en Inglés

    ISBN: 9781440569029

    ePub (Adobe DRM)

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    Deep in the humid swamps, a sorcerous war rages. Demetrius, heir to the late Swamp Witch, hunts down the men his mother left bound by her dark magic.Cursed to be a laughably undangerous swamp creature, armadillo shifter Damien stays deep in his cave. Well hidden and out of sight.Until he met Grace.Grace gave up on love ten years ago, when her fiancé, Henry, disappeared in t...he swamp. Yeah, she'd heard tales of swamp men, swamp witches, and cursed creatures, but she hadn't truly believed in them.Then she met Damien.As enemies emerge and alliances tangle, one thing becomes clear: only the strongest will survive. Thrust together in the face of imminent danger, Grace and Damien become close, connecting in ways they'd never imagined, until a secret from the past threatens their fledgling bond.As the future collides with the past, the duo fight to stay alive and to discover if true love really can strike twice.Sensuality Level: Sensual

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    Acerca de Bobbi Romans

    Bobbi Romans lives in the south and tries to stay sane around her overly large family by escaping to worlds she controls and always end with a Happily Ever After. A horror movie nut and coffee-holic, she adores meeting and chatting with fans. You can find her at her around at: Website: bobbiromans.com; Blog: http://bobbiromans.wordpress.com/; Facebook: https://facebook.com/p...ages/Bobbi-Romans/196420320461280?ref=hl; Twitter: @BobbiRomans; or on Goodreads: goodreads.com/author/show/6438996.Bobbi_Romans.

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