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Incomplete Dangler - Mervyn Linford
Pterodroma Petrels - Bob Flood
Storm-petrels & Bulwer's Petrel - Bob Flood
Test of Patients - Martin Atkinson
Nipper’s Tale - Alan Rampling
I’m a Bushman and I Know my Country - Martin Phillips
Five Sisters - Jean Eugène Havel
Behind the Curtain - Peggy Haswell
Turquoise Suitcase - Helen Womack
Fully Booked - Emma Strandberg
Before the Germ Theory - Gordon Cook
Lambeth to Lamsdorf - Robin Green
Almost Freedom of Fred Mode - Jeff Warrington
Shipyards of the Upper Mersey - Robert Ratcliffe
Before Spin - Keith McDowall
We'll Have a Laugh - Andrew Nichols
Incontinent Continent - Maurice Feldman
Skies I'm Under - Rachel Wright
Welcome to the Idiots - Phil Davies
I am the Referee - Mark Heffernan


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