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Anthony Meets The Playground Bully Kevin Bailey
Colors of the Rainbow Donna E.  Warren
Behind the Mask - A Magical Scarecrow\'s Purim Adventure Auntie  Lynn
A Tale of Five Poms Thomas Davis
Austin & Charlie Adventures Washington DC Katie   Langdon
Wishes and Walnuts Deby VanWemmer
Chikin and Scrub Ingrid  Botha
Stormy Hill\'s Heritage Nancy Clarke
Cat Tails Derek T.  Morgan
George and the Author Shirley  Hassen
Peaches the Private Eye Poodle: Patricia D.  Hamilton
Hide and Seek With Daddy Terri Ward
The Story of Everdream Robert L.  Welsh
Twice Shy Samar  Salfiti
Adelaide the Unicorn and the Children of the World Colette  Becuzzi
Scary Terry (Chinese Language) John H.  Cary
Suzie and the Lovely Windows Nicki D.  Casterline
No, I Don\'t Want to Play Today Brenda Jones
Sons of Plato Richard Meyer
Beewee and Meager to the Rescue Kele Sewell

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