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Trains Julie Chatton
The Adventures of Kaptain Kristian Salmon Sheryl
The Enchanted Opera Novene  Thomas
A Dragon Called Wilbur Bronwyn  Heeney
Storm Clouds Over Mountain View Middle School Dave Potter
Peaches the Private Eye Poodle: Finding Foster a Home Patricia D.  Hamilton
The Little Seagull Tanina  Wings
Richie Millstone, the Firewater Dragon & the Platinum Water Crystal E. H.  Allen
Stormy Hill\'s Gift Nancy Clarke
Legends of the New Worlds Shelly  Petryshyn
Bia Gets a New Baby Brother KatherineP. Buerger-Smith
Lizzie Goes to Tea Rosemary Smith
Good Morning, Day Julie Chatton
Stormy Hill\'s Challenge Nancy Clarke
Innocence: Simplicity of Spirit PeggyL. Headlund
I Am a Squirmy Wormy Robin. A.  Knaggs
James and the Jealous, Naughty Seagull Lynne  Pickering
After the Parch Sheldon  Greene
Dream Sharers: Love/Hate Tabatha  Weatherbee
The Bird\'s Party Maria Lorena  Lopez

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