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Writing the Mughal World Muzaffar Alam
Gold Standard at the Turn of the Twentieth Century Steven Bryan
Columbia Guide to the Cold War Michael Kort
America’s Response to China Warren I. Cohen
Value of Money Prabhat Patnaik
Israeli Secret Services and the Struggle Against Terrorism Ami Pedahzur
Living with the Dragon Benjamin I Page
Convergence of Civilizations Youssef Courbage
Crusades, Christianity, and Islam Jonathan Riley-Smith
East Asia Before the West David C. Kang
Demon at Agi Bridge and Other Japanese Tales Haruo Shirane
Archival Resources of Republican China in North America Chengzhi Wang
Triumph of Order Lisa Keller
Roger Nash Baldwin and the American Civil Liberties Union Robert Cottrell
Cheese, Pears, and History in a Proverb Massimo Montanari
Jewish Terrorism in Israel Ami Pedahzur
Levittowners Herbert J. Gans
Joothan Omprakash Valmiki
Workers, Unions, and Global Capitalism Rohini Hensman
Fall of the House of Roosevelt Michael Janeway

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