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British Civil Wars at Sea, 1638-1653 Elaine Murphy
Servants in Rural Europe Jane Whittle
Jacobitism and Anti-Jacobitism in the British Atlantic World, 1688-1727 David Parrish
Slavery Hinterland Eve Rosenhaft
Myth of the Press Gang J. Ross Dancy
British Naval Power in the East, 1794-1805 Peter A. Ward
Irish Rebellion of 1641 and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms Eamon Darcy
Naval Resistance to Britain\'s Growing Power in India, 1660-1800 Philip MacDougall
Transformation of British Naval Strategy James Davey
Letters of Seamen in the Wars with France, 1793-1815 Helen Watt with Anne Hawkins
Edward III and the War at Sea Graham Cushway
Edward III and the War at Sea Graham Cushway
Social History of British Naval Officers, 1775-1815 Evan Wilson
Birth of the Royal Marines, 1664-1802 Britt Zerbe
Plebeian Modernity Ilya Gerasimov
Privateering, Piracy and British Policy in Spanish America, 1810-1830 Matthew McCarthy
British Naval Captains of the Seven Years\' War A.B. McLeod
Myth of the Press Gang J. Ross Dancy
British Expeditionary Warfare and the Defeat of Napoleon, 1793-1815 Robert K. Sutcliffe
Lascars and Indian Ocean Seafaring, 1780-1860 Aaron Jaffer

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