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Benedictines in the Middle Ages James G. Clark
Stuart Marriage Diplomacy Valentina Caldari
Balkans as Europe, 1821-1914 Timothy Snyder
Journal of Medieval Military History Kelly DeVries
Birth Control Clinic in a Marketplace World Rose Holz
Ludwig Leichhardt\'s Ghosts Andrew Wright Hurley
Cobbold and Kin: Life Stories from an East Anglian Family Clive Hodges
African Islands Toyin Falola
Fifteenth Century XI Linda Clark
Norman Rule in Normandy, 911-1144 Mark Hagger
English Catholic Exiles in Late Sixteenth-Century Paris Katy Gibbons
Cathedrals, Communities and Conflict in the Anglo-Norman World Louise J. Wilkinson
Literary Translation and the Idea of a Minor Romania Sean Cotter
Battle of the Golden Spurs (Courtrai, 11 July 1302) Kelly DeVries
Irish in the Spanish Armies in the Seventeenth Century Eduardo de Mesa
Victorian Radicals and Italian Democrats Marcella Pellegrino Sutcliffe
Revolution and Counterrevolution in Poland, 1980-1989 Andrzej Paczkowski
Merchant Crusaders in the Aegean, 1291-1352 Mike Carr
War and the Making of Medieval Monastic Culture Katherine Allen Smith
Widows in European Economy and Society, 1600-1920 Richard Wall

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