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A Crime on Canvas Fred M. White
Detective Stories Arthur Conan Doyle
The Green Mummy Fergus Hume
Micromegas Voltaire
The Haunted Hotel Wilkie Collins
The Confession Mary Rinehart
Anything You Can Do Randall Garrett
Riddle Stories Edgar Allan Poe
The Professor\'s Mystery Wells Hastings
The Crime of the French Cafe and Other Stories Nicholas Carter
The Fifth-Dimension Tube Murray Leinster
The Crystal Stopper Maurice Leblanc
The Jacob Street Mystery R. Austin Freeman
The Holladay Case Burton Stevenson
The Haunted Fountain Margaret Sutton
The Mystery of the Locks E. W. Howe
The Mystery Edward White
Dead Man\'s Love Tom Gallon
The Magic Casket R. Austin Freeman
Within an Inch of His Life Emile Gaboriau

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