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SUMMERTIME MADNESS – Murder Mysteries to Keep You Relaxed Charles Dickens
The Unusual Suspects Charles Dickens
Mr Wray\'s Cash Box (Christmas Mystery Series) Wilkie Collins
CHRISTMAS MYSTERIES - 20 Thriller Classics in One Volume Charles Dickens
BRITISH MURDER MYSTERIES - Boxed Set: 350+ Greatest Thriller Novels & True Crime Stories Arthur Conan Doyle
Complete Works of Wilkie Collins: Novels, Short Stories, Plays, Essays and Memoirs (Illustrated) Wilkie Collins
DEEP, DARK & UNSETTLING: 100+ Gothic Classics in One Edition Bram Stoker
THE MURDER CASE - Ultimate Mystery Collection Arthur Conan Doyle
The Mysteries for Holiday Feels Charles Dickens
The Law and The Lady (Thriller Classic) Wilkie Collins
Greatest Mystery Novels of Wilkie Collins Wilkie Collins
Mystery Cases For Christmas – Test your Power of Deduction During the Holidays Arthur Conan Doyle
Mysteries for Christmas: 48 Puzzling Murder Mysteries & Supernatural Thrillers Charles Dickens
BRITISH MYSTERY CLASSICS - Ultimate Collection: 560+ Detective Novels, Thrillers & True Crime Stories Arthur Conan Doyle
The Woman in White (Illustrated): A Mystery Suspense Novel from the prolific English writer, best known for The Moonstone, No Name, Armadale, The Law and The Lady, The Dead Secret, Man and Wife, Poor Miss Finch and The Black Robe Wilkie Collins
THE OBVIOUS CLUE - Ultimate Murder Mystery Collection Charles Dickens
The Law and The Lady (Mystery Thriller Classic) Wilkie Collins
Xmas Thrillers: The Greatest Holiday Mysteries in One Volume Charles Dickens
BLOODY, BLOODY CHRISTMAS – The Greatest Christmas Thrillers & Mysteries Charles Dickens
No Name (Mystery Thriller Classic) Wilkie Collins

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