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100 Books You Must Read Before You Die - volume 2 [newly updated] [Ulysses; Dangerous Liaisons; Of Human Bondage; Moby-Dick; The Jungle; Anna Karenina; etc.] (Book House Publishing) Mark Twain
Ann Radcliffe: The Complete Novels Ann Radcliffe
Daniel Defoe: The Complete Novels Daniel Defoe
Gustave Flaubert: The Complete Novels Gustave Flaubert
Kate Chopin: The Complete Novels and Stories Kate Chopin
Guy de Maupassant: The Complete Novels Guy de Maupassant
Elizabeth Gaskell: The Complete Novels Elizabeth Gaskell
D\'Artagnan and the Musketeers: The Complete Collection Alexandre Dumas
Laurence Sterne: The Complete Novels Laurence Sterne
100 Books You Must Read Before You Die - volume 1 [newly updated] [Pride and Prejudice; Jane Eyre; Wuthering Heights; Tarzan of the Apes; The Count of Monte Cristo; A Room With a View; The Odyssey; etc.] (Book House Publishing) Charles Dickens
Jules Verne: The Extraordinary Voyages Collection Jules Verne
Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Collection Arthur Conan Doyle
H. G. Wells: The Collection [newly updated] [The Wonderful Visit; Kipps; The Time Machine; The Invisible Man; The War of the Worlds; The First Men in the ... H. G. Wells
Hans Christian Andersen: The Complete Fairy Tales and Stories Hans Christian Andersen
The Brothers Grimm: The Complete Fairy Tales The Brothers Grimm
Mary Shelley: The Complete Novels Mary Shelley
100 Books You Must Read Before You Die - volume 1 [newly updated] [The Great Gatsby, Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, The Count of Monte Cristo, Les Misérables, etc] (Book House Publishing) Charles Dickens
Charlotte Perkins Gilman: The Complete Novels and Novellas Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Tom Sawyer: The Complete Collection Mark Twain
Thomas Hardy: The Complete Novels Thomas Hardy

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