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  • Joyas de pasión

    Por Emily Mckay ,

    en Ficción


    páginas en Español

    ISBN: 9788467183238

    PDF (Adobe DRM)

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    El plan originario de Ford Langley no había sido comprar la compañía de Kitty. Pero cuando investigó a su misteriosa amante, descubrió que Kitty Biedermann era la heredera de un imperio dedicado a la joyería. Para Ford, era la oportunidad perfecta de trasladar las conversaciones del despacho al dormitorio.Sólo había un problema: Kitty no pensaba caer en sus brazos. E...staba decidida a luchar con uñas y dientes por su compañía pero, ¿estaba preparada para sus tácticas de fusión?

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    Acerca de Emily Mckay

    Emily has been reading romance novels since she was 11 years old. Her first Harlequin Romance novel came free in a box of Hefty garbage bags. She's been reading— and loving!—romance novels ever since.In her spare time, she loves to garden and cook...well, bake. Mostly cookies. Naturally, she still loves to read a good romance book. She's been blissfully married f...or nearly nine years. When they can ditch their five pets for a couple of weeks, she and her husband like to travel to exotic and exciting locations, such as Greece, Costa Rica and Ignorant Flats, Texas.She has a degree in English from Texas A&M University. After college she taught middle school for four years. While teaching America's disenfranchised youth to appreciate fine literature, she learned very little about writing romance but a lot about finding humor in any situation. Eager for a job where she wouldn't have to dodge spitwads, she fled the teaching profession to write full-time. Though her characters sometimes misbehave, they almost never throw things at her.Emily has been writing seriously for four years. In that time, she's completed five novels—one romantic suspense (big mistake) and four romantic comedies. In 2001, one of her dreams came true when her manuscript Love Letters to Tabitha was a finalist in the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart contest. Just over a year later she got "the Call."

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