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Acerca de Patrick Bond

Patrick Bond is a distinguished professor, and teaches Political Economy and Political Ecology at the Wits School of Governance.

Acerca de Patrick Fitzgerald

Patrick FitzGerald is an adjunct professor at the Wits School of Governance and also serves as chair of the Group Performance Audit Committee for the City of Johannesburg.

Acerca de Darlene Miller

Darlene Miller is a senior lecturer at the Wits School of Governance. She is principal investigator in a research project on food governance and new food movements.

Acerca de Susan Booysen

Susan Booysen is professor emeritus and visiting professor at the Wits School of Governance. She is also director of research at the Mapungubwe Institute for Strategic Reflection.

Acerca de Vishwas Satgar

Vishwas Satgar is a Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand, and has been involved in grassroots activism for over three decades. He is the editor of the Democratic Marxism series and has published widely on Africa, South Africa, transnational alternatives and Marxism. In 2015, he received the Distinguished Achievement Award from the World Association of Political Economy for initiating and editing this series.

Acerca de David Everatt

David Everatt is head of the Wits School of Governance.

Acerca de Gillian Godsell

Gillian Godsell currently works at the Wits School of Governance.

Acerca de Rekgotsofetse Chikane

Rekgotsofetse Chikane is the national president of InkuluFreeHeid, a Non-partisan youth organisation and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Management at the Wits School of Governance.

Acerca de Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh is currently pursuing a DPhil in international relations at the University of Oxford, and writing a book of essays on South African politics.

Acerca de Omhle Ntshingila

Omhle Ntshingila pursued a degree in political studies and anthropology at the University of Witwatersrand, was elected deputy president and student governance officer of the Wits student representative council in 2014–2015. She was instrumental in organising the #WitsFeesMustFall protests.

Acerca de Refiloe Lepere

Refiloe Lepere is a postgraduate research coordinator teaching critical reflexivepraxis in Drama for Life at the University of Witwatersrand.

Acerca de Swankie Mofoko

Swankie Mafoko is an Honours student at Drama for Life at Wits, studying appliedtheatre.

Acerca de Ayabonga Nase

Ayabonga Nase is a candidate attorney at the Centre for Applied Legal Studiesbased at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Acerca de Lynn Hewlett

Lynn Hewlett is a senior lecturer at the Wits School of Governance and currentlyconvenor of the PhD programme.

Acerca de Nomagugu Masuku-Mukadah

Nomagugu Masuku-Mukadah is a researcher at the Centre for Learningon Evaluation and Results in Anglophone Africa based at the University of theWitwatersrand.

Acerca de Horácio Lucas Zandamela

Horácio Lucas Zandamela, is an alumnus of the Wits Graduate School of Public and Development Management, now the Wits School of Governance.

Acerca de Koffi Kouakou

Koffi Kouakou, an African analyst and scenario strategist, is a former senior lecturerat the Wits School of Governance.

Acerca de William Gumede

William Gumede is Associate Professor in the Wits School of Governance, and course leader in the School of Public Policy, Central European University, Budapest.

Acerca de Oliver Seale

Oliver Seale was previously acting CEO of Universities South Africa (USAf) and director of the Higher Education Leadership and Management Programme (Helm) at Higher Education South Africa (Hesa).

Acerca de Pundy Pillay

Pundy Pillay is professor of Economics and Public Finance, and Research director at the Wits School of Governance.

Acerca de Thad Metz

Thaddeus Metz is distinguished professor (2015–2019) and research professor at the University of Johannesburg.


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