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Prestige, Authority and Power in Late Medieval Manuscripts and Texts Felicity Riddy
St Edmund, King and Martyr Anthony Bale
Companion to Julian of Norwich Liz Herbert McAvoy
Dating of Beowulf Leonard Neidorf
New Medieval Literatures 17 Laura Ashe
Readings in Medieval Textuality Cristina Maria Cervone
Natural World in the Exeter Book Riddles Corinne Dale
Author, Scribe, and Book in Late Medieval English Literature Rory G. Critten
Complete Story of the Grail Chrétien de Troyes
Juan de Mena Cristina Moya García
Manuscript and Meaning of Malory\'s Morte Darthur K.S. Whetter
Arthurian Literature XVIII Keith Busby
Saints and Animals in the Middle Ages Dominic Alexander
New Companion to Malory Cory James Rushton
Women, Crusading and the Holy Land in Historical Narrative Natasha  R. Hodgson
Guy of Warwick: Icon and Ancestor Alison Wiggins
Problem of Woman in Late-Medieval Hispanic Literature Robert Archer
Legends of Arthur Richard Barber
Marie de France Glyn S. Burgess
Cultural and Political Legacy of Anne de Bretagne Cynthia J. Brown

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