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Arte, Arquitectura y Diseño

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Studio Art Therapy Catherine Moon
Strengthening Emotional Ties through Parent-Child-Dyad Art Therapy Lucille Proulx
Urville Gilles Trehin
Printmaking as Therapy Lucy Mueller White
Healing Flow: Artistic Expression in Therapy Martina Schnetz
Art as Therapy Edith Kramer
Little Windows into Art Therapy Deborah Schroder
Practical Art Therapy Susan Buchalter
Art-Based Research Shaun McNiff
Therapeutic Art Directives and Resources Susan R. Makin
Changing Shape of Art Therapy Andrea Gilroy
Contemporary Art Therapy with Adolescents Shirley Riley
Art Therapy and AD/HD Diane Safran
Are You a Boy or Are You a Girl? Sarah Savage
Gender Issues in Art Therapy Susan Hogan
Clayworks in Art Therapy David Henley
Art Therapy with Children on the Autistic Spectrum Kathy Evans
Your Body is Awesome Sigrun Danielsdottir
Your Body is Brilliant Sigrun Danielsdottir
Minnie and Max are OK! Chris Calland

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