Who Is This Book For?If you are struggling financially, this book is for you.If you feel your life lacks direction and purpose, this book is for you.If you think that your best days are behind you and you have resigned yourself to a life of frustration, disappointment and mediocrity, this book might give you that much needed reboot you’ve been thinking about.If your best laid plans can’t ever seem to pan out just as you had envisioned them, this book is for you.What Will You Learn from This Book?This book helps you take full ownership of your attitude and in turn, take control of your life. Your attitude is the key. This book will teach you the contours and shape of the key. Just as importantly, this book will teach you how to turn the key.You Will Learn the Following:How your external results are produced by internal choicesHow to take full ownership of your internal realityA good attitude is never an accidentGratitude is the key to personal power and effectivenessConverting attitude into action create a self-sustaining personal success feedback loopAre you ready to begin? Let’s dive in!

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