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Catalogue, 1900 Emrich Furniture Company
Tools and Machines Charles Barnard
Hints for Carpenters Albert Fair
Agricultural Woodworking Louis M. Roehl
A Primer of Architectural Drawing for Young Students, Being a Progressive Series or Drawing Bonn Problems, Thb, Embodiment or the Teachings in the Mechanics Institute or New You City William S. B. Dana
Shop Projects Myron G. Burton
Inspection of Hardwoods, &C J. C. Williams
Bulletin, 1912 Dominion Museum
Veneering and Inlaying G. M. Nyman
Musson\'s Improved Lumber and Log Book, 1905 Musson Book Company
Woodwork for Schools on Scientific Lines James Thomas Baily
The Collection of Antique English, French and Italian Furniture John Wanamaker
Hand-Craft John D. Sutcliffe
Forest Mensuration Massachusetts State Forester
Woodwork for the Grades Frank Henry Selden
Mill Men and Filers\' Handy Guide M. Covel
Workshop Notes Sketches Thomas A. Clark
The Sloyd System of Wood Working B. B. Hoffman
Naval Architecture Thomas H. Watson
Low Cost Poultry Houses James Wallace Darrow

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