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This meticulously edited DigiCat publication is dedicated to the lost but not forgotten world of the ferocious Norsemen. Norse Mythology: The Beginning Odin Frigga Thor Tyr Bragi Idun Niörd Frey Freya Uller Forseti Heimdall Hermod Vidar Vali The Norns The Valkyrs Hel Ægir Balder Loki The Giants The Dwarfs The Elves The Sigurd Saga The Story of Frithiof The Twilight of the Gods Greek and Northern Mythologies History of the Vikings: Causes of the Viking Movement The Viking Movement Down to the Middle of the 9th Century The Vikings in England to the Death of Harthacnut The Vikings in the Frankish Empire to the Founding of Normandy (911) The Vikings in Ireland to the Battle of Clontarf (1014) The Vikings in the Orkneys, Scotland, the Western Islands and Man The Vikings in Baltic Lands and Russia Viking Civilisation Scandinavian Influence in the Orkneys, Shetlands, the Western Islands and Man Scandinavian Influence in Ireland Scandinavian Influence in England Scandinavian Influence in the Empire and Iceland Eddas & Sagas: The Elder Eddas of Saemund The Younger Eddas of Sturleson Norse Sagas Kings' Sagas Sagas of Icelanders Legendary Sagas Norse Ballads: The Faroese Ballad of Nornagest The Faroese Ballad of Hjalmar and Angantyr The Danish Ballad of Angelfyr and Helmer The Faroese Ballad of Arngrim's Sons The Faroese Riddle Ballad The Shetland Ballad of Hildina
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The identity of the Secret Player must remain under wraps.

Acerca de Zane Grey

Zane Grey (1872-1939) is an American author known for his action adventure stories set in the American West. Before his writing career took off, he was a minor league baseball player and a licensed dentist. Riders of the Purple Sage, his most famous novel, launched a prolific career that included 90 books and an estimated nine million published words.


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