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Política y Actualidad

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Sinai Mohannad Sabry
Political Economy of the New Egyptian Republic Nicholas S. Hopkins
Trump\'s World
Oslo Accords Petter Bauck
Food Question in the Middle East Malak S. Rouchdy
Egypt\'s Labor Market Revisited Ragui Assaad
Egypt\'s Political Economy Nadia Ramsis Farah
Dividing the Nile David E. Mills
Foreign Policies of Arab States Bahgat Korany
Popular Housing and Urban Land Tenure in the Middle East Baudouin Dupret
Understanding Islamic Fundamentalism Sayed Khatab
Subjects of Empires/Citizens of States Samson A. Bezabeh
Illusion Of Progress in the  Arab World Galal Amin
Whatever Happened to the Egyptian Revolution? Galal Amin
Egypt in Flux Adel Iskandar
Translating Egypt\'s Revolution Samia Mehrez
All the Pasha\'s Men Khaled Fahmy
Quakers in the Israeli Palestinian Conflict Nancy Gallagher
Social Capital and Local Water Management in Egypt Dalia M. Gouda
Political Economy of Reforms in Egypt Khalid Ikram

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