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Introvert: Simple Techniques for Embracing Your Inner Introvert and Living an Amazing and Happy Life (Achieve Success in Relationships and Communication by Harnessing Your Inner Abundance) William Ziegler
Bipolar Disorder: Learn the Symptoms and Strategies on How You Can Cope (The Complete Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide to Stopping Mood Swings) Mildred Sanders
Bipolar: The Ultimate Bipolar Disorder Solutions for You (Growing Up With a Bipolar Parent and My Battle to Reclaim Myself) Angela Schmidt
ADHD: The Ultimate ADHD Handbook and Guide For Parents (Survival Guide to Help Teens Improve Their Motivation and Confidence) Otto Livingston
Sleep Apnea: A Complete Guide on the Treatment for Sleep Apnea (A Step-by-step Guide to Restful Sleep and Better Health for Beginners) David Garris
Anxiety: How to Overcome Couple Conflicts and Jealousy (Overcome Stressful Anxiety With These Emotional Healing Tools) Walter Smith
Hypnotism: The Evidence Based Way to Hypnotise Yourself (Step-by-step Methods and Scripts to Create Profound Change) Charles Echols
Neuroplasticity: Newest Guide to Working Brain Plasticity (Master Neuroplasticity for Recovery and Growth After Stroke) Kelly Roache
Gaslighting: Recover From Toxic Relationships and Break Free and Recognize Manipulative (How to Avoid the Gaslight Effect and Recovery From Emotional and Narcissistic Abuse) Jeffry Calderon
Accelerated Learning: Improve Your Memory and Reading Speed and Unlock Your Brain’s (Sharpen Your Focus So You Can Master Any Skill and Outsmart Anyone) Roderick Maldonado
Dark Psychology: Learn How to Recognize Mind Control Best Techniques (The Guide to Knowing the Strategies of a Successful Persuader) Maxine Biondo

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