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Governmental Paternalism Christoph Krönke
I Don\'t Even Recognize You Anymore Carl Dominik J. Niedersüß
Article 31(3)(c) of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties and the Principle of Systemic Integration in International Investment Law and Arbitration Daniel Rosentreter
Promoting a Second-Tier Protection Regime for Innovation of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in South Asia Nishantha Sampath Punchi Hewage
The Implementation of the New Insolvency Regulation Stefania Bariatti
The Legality of Public Pension Reforms in Times of Financial Crisis Dafni Diliagka
Approaches to Procedural Law Loïc Cadiet
Digitization and the Law Jochen Feldle
The Legal Framework of Sovereign Debt Management Charlotte Julie Rault
The Role of Standard-Setting Organizations with Regard to Balancing the Rights Between the Owners and the Users of Standard-Essential Patents Jurgita Randakeviciúte
The TRIPS Agreement Implementation in Brazil Viviane Yumy Mitsuuchi Kunisawa
Human Dignity in Context Dieter Grimm
Necessity or Nuisance? Julia Gebhard
Constitution-Building in Africa Nico Steytler
International Law on Tuna Fisheries Management Ingo Unterweger
Crimes of Business in International Law Thomas M. Schmidt
Procedural Science at the Crossroads of Different Generations Loïc Cadiet
The Greatest Possible Freedom Thomas Burri
Promoting an Effective Rescue Culture with Debt-Equity-Swaps? Annika Wolf
International Humanitarian Law in Areas of Limited Statehood Björnstjern Baade

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