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Artificial Flies and How to Make Them M. A. Shipley
Salmon-Fishing on the Grand Cascapedia Edmund W. Davis
The Natural History of the Salmon William Brown
The Practical Angler William C. Stewart
Fly Fishing Sir Edward Grey
Camp Fires in the Wilderness E. W. Burt
On Stocking Rivers, Streams, Lakes, Ponds and Reservoirs James Maitland
Textbook of Pond Culture Wilhelm Schaeperclaus
Roach, Rudd Bream Fishing J. W. Martin
Lake and Stream Game Fishing Dixie Carroll
The Romance of the World\'s Fisheries Sidney Wright
Wet-Fly Fishing Treated Methodically E. M. Tod
Scenes and Recollections of Fly-Fishing Stephen Oliver
Angling in Salt Water John Bickerdyke
British Angling Flies Michael Theakston
Dry-Fly Fishing Frederic Michael Halford
Salmon and Trout Dean Sage
Woodcraft Nessmuk
Golden Days, From the Fishing-Log of a Painter in Brittany Romilly Fedden
How to Tie Salmon Flies J. H. Hale

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