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Textos Educativos

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Powerful Learning Ron Brandt
How to Design Questions and Tasks to Assess Student Thinking Susan M. Brookhart
Data-Driven Classroom Craig A. Mertler
What We Know About Grading Susan M. Brookhart
Math Fact Fluency Jennifer Bay-Williams
Taking Charge of Professional Development Joseph H. H. Semadeni
How to Prepare for and Respond to a Crisis David J. Schonfeld
Test Better, Teach Better W. James Popham
Teacher\'s Guide to Special Education David F. Bateman
Committing to the Culture Todd Whitaker
Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind Bena Kallick
Mobilizing the Community to Help Students Succeed Hugh B. Price
Linking Teacher Evaluation and Student Learning James H. Stronge
Succeeding with Standards Douglas E. Harris
Transformative Assessment W. James Popham
Making Standards Useful in the Classroom Robert J. Marzano
In Search of Understanding Jacqueline G. Brooks
Succeeding with Inquiry in Science and Math Classroom Jeff C. Marshall
Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice Charlotte Danielson
Common Core Standards for Middle School English Language Arts Susan Ryan

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