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Band Saw Simonds Manufacturing Company
Roof Framing Made Easy Owen B. Maginnis
First Lessons in Manual Training and Carpentry Craftsman's Home Study Schools
The Teacher\'s Handbook of Slöjd Otto Salomon
The Carpenters Steel Square, and Its Uses Fred
Farm Shop Work George M. Brace
Practical Centring, Treating of the Practice of Centring Arches Owen B. Maginnis
Wood Turning George Alexander Ross
Shop Work Herman F. Rusch
Plank Frame Barn Construction John L. Shawver
The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer\'s Drawing-Book Thomas Sheraton
Association Standard Grades of Hardwood Lumber Hardwood Manufacturers' Association
Carpentry for Beginners Things to Make John D. Adams
Notes on Building Construction Henry Fidler
Woodwork Course for Boys, Consisting of a Graduated Series of Thirty Models, Arranged So as to Cover the Requirements of the Science and Art Department, South Kensington William Nelson
Fret-Sawing and Wood-Carving George A. Sawyer
Sheet-Metal Work William Neubecker
Problems in Wood-Turning Fred D. Crawshaw
Learn by Doing Joseph Henry Judd
Home-Made Poultry Appliances Edward T. Brown

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