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Dragons have inflamed our hearts and imagination for centuries, making them some of our most enduring heroes and villains. Who hasn’t dreamed of finding a dragon’s hoard and matching wits with the fantastical creature with everything on the line? These seventeen stories will delight and entertain you for hours. Included in this anthology are Nisi Shawl, Edith Nesbit, Naomi Kritzer, Rebecca Mcfarland Kyle, Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Kenneth Grahame, Sarina Dorie, Misty Massey, John Teehan, Gerri Leen, Jamie Wild, Anne E. Johnson, Gerald Hausman, Nancy Jane Moore, Cynthia Ward, and Pauline J. Alama. Edited by World Fantasy and Hugo award nominated editor Warren Lapine.
Acerca de Kenneth Grahame

Kenneth Grahame (8 de marzo de 1859 – 6 de julio de 1932) fue un escritor escocés, principalmente conocido por sus libros El viento en los sauces (1908) y The Reluctant Dragon (1898), ambos libros fueron llevados al cine por Disney.

Acerca de Nancy Jane Moore

Nancy Jane Moore writes speculative fiction. Her books include Changeling, a novela; Conscientious Inconsistencies, a collection; and Flashes of Illumination, a flash fiction collection. Her work has appeared in a number of anthologies and in magazines ranging from Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet to the National Law Journal.

Acerca de Gerald Hausman

Born in 1868 near Whitewater, Wisconsin, Edward Sheriff Curtis became one of America's finest photographers and ethnologists. Beginning in 1907, he began the publishing of his epic masterpiece, The North American Indian. Upon its completion in 1930, Curtis' opus, entitled The North American Indian, consisted of 20 volumes, each containing 75 hand-pressed photogravures and 300 pages of text. Each volume was accompanied by a corresponding portfolio containing at least 36 photogravures.

Acerca de John Teehan

John Teehan is Associate Professor of Religion at Hofstra University. He is the author of numerous articles on the impact of evolutionary studies on morality and religion, as well as studies on the philosophy of John Dewey.

Acerca de Edith Nesbit

Edith Nesbit (Londres, 1858-1924) escritora y poetisa que viajó por Inglaterra, España y Francia. Se casó a los 21 años con el político Hubert Bland, con quien tuvo cinco hijos. Su vida fue una continua lucha contra la rectitud victoriana de la época. Es conocida por sus libros para niños llenos de humor y con un estilo innovador que, en ocasiones, desarrolla las aventuras de los protagonistas en una realidad cotidiana con elementos mágicos.

Acerca de Naomi Kritzer

NAOMI KRITZER grew up in Madison, Wisconsin, a small lunar colony populated mostly by PhDs. She moved to Minnesota to attend college. After graduating with a BA in Religion, she became a technical writer. She now lives in Minneapolis with her family. Fires Of The Faithful was her first novel, followed shortly thereafter by Turning The Storm, Freedom's Gate, and Freedom's Apprentice.From the Paperback edition.

Acerca de Misty Massey

Misty Massey lives in South Carolina. Mad Kestrel is her first novel.

Acerca de Warren Lapine

Warren Lapine lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts and Stephen Pagel lives in Atlanta, Georgia.


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