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  • La venganza de un hombre

    Por Tessa Radley ,

    en Ficción


    páginas en Español

    ISBN: 9788467184846

    PDF (Adobe DRM)

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    El ejecutivo italiano Rico D’Alessio no se detendría ante nada hasta haber llevado a cabo su venganza y haber destruido por completo a la familia Sinclair. Convertir en su esposa a Danielle Sinclair, la hija mayor, no era más que el comienzo. Dejarla embarazada para que trajera al mundo a su heredero sería la prueba definitiva de su triunfo. ¿Pero enamorarse de la muje...r con la que se había casado por venganza? Eso era algo que jamás habría imaginado que podría suceder… como tampoco había imaginado los secretos que saldrían a la luz con su unión…

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    Acerca de Tessa Radley

    Tessa sold her first Silhouette Desire book after an online pitch on the eHarlequin.com Web site. "It was both scary and exciting, a bit like riding a roller coaster," says Tessa. "Once it started, everything happened so fast."Several sales followed in quick succession. A keen reader since childhood, Tessa is thrilled to join the author community here at eHarlequin.com. "It ...took a while to get over the unreality of it all, but it finally started to sink in. There's nothing more satisfying than working on a new story. I love getting to know a whole new set of characters and finding out what they want from life."There's one piece of advice that Tessa credits with getting her through the publication process. At the first weekend writing course she had ever attended, romance author Robyn Donald said that, to be published, a writer needed three things: talent (which hard work could polish), perseverance and luck. That stuck in Tessa's mind, and so her advice to wouldbe authors now is: "Hold on to your dream. Keep writing and never give up." You can contact Tessa though her Web site at www.tessaradley.com. And while you're there, don't forget to check out the fun page and enter Tessa's latest contest. Or you can come read with Tessa over at Team Novelchicks, part of the eHarlequin.com 2007 10,000 Book Challenge.

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