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  • El reto de amar

    Por Susan Meier ,

    en Ficción


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    ISBN: 9788490100233

    ePub (Adobe DRM)

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    Bebé huérfano + magnate griego = desafío por partida dobleLo último que Whitney Ross necesitaba era convertirse en la tutora temporal de un bebé huérfano. Sólo le recordaría a la hija que había perdido en trágicas circunstancias. Y había un problema añadido: el nuevo padre del pequeño Gino. Darius Andreas era un magnate guapísimo que no estaba preparado para se...r padre. Whitney tendría que enseñarle, pero para eso debía armarse de paciencia, y también de valor, porque pronto se daría cuenta de que había algo con lo que no había contado: ¡su atracción hacia Darius!

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    Acerca de Susan Meier

    Watching "The Dick Van Dyke Show", a sitcom about three television writers, Susan Meier knew she had found her calling. In grade school she wrote and directed plays complete with commercial breaks. She wrote poetry through high school, and decided to pursue fiction in earnest one month before her 30th birthday.Writing romance was a natural choice for her because of the genre...'s focus on the importance of commitment and the power of love, as well as the emphasis on a woman's role in an ever-changing world.The third of 11 children, Susan finds inspiration in the lives and adventures of her brothers and sisters, and her 22 nieces and nephews.Her 25-year tenure in various jobs such as salesclerk, receptionist, legal secretary, executive assistant, columnist for a small regional newspaper, account executive for a public-relations firm, and office manager, ended last year when she resigned her position in the human resources department for a major defense contractor to write full-time. She credits her job-hopping with providing the background information she uses for her stories, as well as a wealth of material about characters because in 25 years she certainly met some characters!Married for 22 years to Michael, a man she describes as "perfect", Susan is the mother of three children, Michael Jr., Sarah, and Allen. The two newest additions to the family are Fluffer Doodle, the Meiers' two-year-old house cat and Sophie, an abandoned kitten adopted in early fall.Because her favorite thing in life is wearing fabulous clothes and her second favorite thing is eating doughnuts, she regularly does Tae-Bo. She enjoys giving workshops on writing romance and spends almost as much time every week reading these wonderful, life-affirming books as she does writing.

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