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    Por Franz Kafka ,

    en Ficción

    Vi-Da Global,

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    ISBN: 9789876786041

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    Publicada en 1927 como obra póstuma, Franz Kafka (1883-1924) escribió los siete capítulos iniciales de América en el otoño de 1912, el primero de los cuales El fogonero apareció como libro independiente en mayo de 1913. El relato de las aventuras de Karl Rossmann -un muchacho de dieciséis años que embarca para el Nuevo Continente en busca de fortuna- constituye una d...e las piezas magistrales del gran escritor praguense.

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    Acerca de Franz Kafka

    Franz Kafka (1883-1924) was born into a Jewish family in Prague. In 1906 he received a doctorate in jurisprudence, and for many years he worked a tedious job as a civil service lawyer investigating claims at the State Worker's Accident Insurance Institute. He never married, and published only a few slim volumes of stories during his lifetime. Meditation, a collection of sket...ches, appeared in 1912; The Stoker: A Fragment in 1913; The Metamorphosis in 1915; The Judgement in 1916; In the Penal Colony in 1919; and A Country Doctor in 1920. The great novels were not published until after his death from tuberculosis: America, The Trial, and The Castle. Born in Florence, Roberto Calasso lives in Milan, where he is publisher of Adelphi. He is the author amongst other titles of The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony, which was the winner of the Prix Veillon and the Prix du Meilleur Livre Etranger, Ka, and K. Michael Hofmann is a poet and critic, and the translator of many German and Austrian authors, including Elias Canetti, Ernst Junger, Wolfgang Koeppen, Thomas Bernhard and Joseph Roth. Geoffrey Brock received the PEN Center USA Translation Award and the MLA's Lois Roth Award for his translation of Cesare Pavese's Disaffections: Complete Poems 1930-1950. He is also the translator of Roberto Calasso's K.

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