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Maidu Folklore Myths and Legends - 18 legends of the Maidu people Anon E. Mouse
THE ABSURD ABC - a satirical look at the world of Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales Walter Crane
ERIC\'S BOOK OF BEASTS - 57 silly jingles and cartoons of animals and make-believe beasts for children David Starr Jordan
MR PICKWICK\'S CHRISTMAS - the Pickwickians spend Christmas at the manor farm in Dingley Dell Charles Dickens
NAN of the GYPSIES - An American Coming of Age Novel  Grace May North
WELSH RAREBIT TALES - 15 Short Stories Harle Oren Cummins
The Star Maiden - A Native American Legend Anon E. Mouse
THE STORY OF BOSTANAI - A Persian/Jewish Folk Tale with a Moral Anon E. Mouse
THE BLUE ROSE FAIRY BOOK - 12 magical fairy tales for children Maurice Baring
THE MASTER AND HIS PUPIL - A Danish Children’s Story Anon E Mouse
THE TALE OF THE HOODIE  - A Scottish Folk Tale Anon E. Mouse
THE LEGEND OF LOUGH MASK - A Celtic Legend Anon E Mouse
FOLK TALES OF BENGAL - 22 Bengali Children\'s Stories Anon E. Mouse
OLD INDIAN LEGENDS - 14 Native American Legends from the Dakotas Anon E. Mouse
Why The Whitecrow never Speaks - A Zulu Legend Anon E. Mouse
HERO TALES AND LEGENDS OF THE SERBIANS - over 80 Serbian tales and legends Anon E. Mouse
TWO AESOPS FABLES - The Old Lion and the Jackal PLUS Mercury and the Woodsman Anon E. Mouse
A SON OF ADAM - A Tibetan Folktale Anon E Mouse
THE SAGA of EGIL SKALLAGRIMSSON - A Viking / Norse Saga Unknown
TALES OF NORTHUMBRIA - 13 Tales from Northern England Howard Pease

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