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    Por Anne Mcallister ,

    en Ficción


    páginas en Español

    ISBN: 9788468714707

    PDF (Adobe DRM)

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    Si quería asegurarse aquel millonario contrato, Spence Tyack debía estar casado al menos durante una semana. Así pues, necesitaba una mujer a la que pudiera cortejar en público y con la que pudiera acostarse en privado. Pero, ¿quién podría llevar a cabo tan delicado trabajo? Desde luego su recatada secretaria no. Sadie Morrisey era una magnifica empleada, pero Spence ...jamás habría sospechado que estuviese dispuesta a meterse en el papel tan a fondo… ¡no sólo en la sala de juntas, sino también en el dormitorio!

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    Acerca de Anne Mcallister

    RITA Award-winner Anne McAllister was born in California, spent formative summer vacations on the beach near her home and on her grandparents' small ranch in Colorado and visiting relatives in Montana. Studying the cowboys, the surfers and the beach volleyball players, she spent long hours developing her concept of "the perfect hero." (Have you noticed a lack of hard-driving... Type A businessmen among them? Well, she promises to do one soon, just for a change!).One thing she did do, early on, was develop a weakness for lean, dark-haired, handsome lone-wolf type guys. When she finally found one, he was in the university library where she was working at the time. It didn't matter. She knew a good man when she saw one.And they've now been sharing "happily ever afters" for 32 years. They presently have four children, four dogs, and one bionic cat who, contrary to all expectations, is working on his second millennium.Quite a few years ago they moved to the Midwest, but they spend more and more time in Montana. And as Anne says, she lives there in her head most of the time anyway. She wishes a small town like her very own Elmer, Montana, existed. She'd move there in a minute.Before she started writing romances, Anne taught Spanish, capped deodorant bottles copyedited textbooks, got a master's degree in theology, and ghostwrote sermons.It all became grist for the fictional mill—as has the family history she likes to learn more about every chance she gets. She might have to try her hand at that historical, after all—especially now that she's learned more about that second great-grandfather who claims to have shot 40 men!In the meantime, though, she is planning more contemporary Code of the West books for Desire and Special Edition, as well as a single-title Code of the West book coming in early 2002, and a trilogy for Harlequin Presents beginning in August 2000. Keep your eye on both series as characters from each are going to start popping up in each other's books!

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