El duque y la cantante

Por Sharon Kendrick ,

en Ficción


páginas en Español

ISBN: 9788468726755

ePub (Adobe DRM)

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¿Qué mujer no sentiría calor y se ruborizaría si Titus Alexander la miraba así? Roxanne Carmichael había formado parte de un grupo musical de gran éxito y estaba acostumbrada a que la mirasen miles de ojos, pero en esos momentos en los que se dedicaba a fregar suelos una mirada condescendiente del duque de Torchester era suficiente para hacer que le ardiese la sangr...e de ira… ¡y de atracción! Titus no soportaba a las personas mentirosas y nunca bajaba la guardia, pero su nueva sirvienta estaba haciendo que su autocontrol se tambalease con sus increíbles piernas y su traviesa boca. Titus sabía que solo había una manera de sacársela de la cabeza, y era metiéndola en su cama.

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Acerca de Sharon Kendrick

Storytelling has always been a part of Charlene Sands's life. As a young girl, she remembers sitting with her father in the evenings asking him to tell her a story. His imagination and flare for the dramatic always entertained and had her coming back for more. Later she began reading his written word; journals and romantic poetry that he'd penned for the family, and those w...ords inspired her to take the writing plunge.Charlene has always read romance--grand adventures where the hero and heroine traversed rugged ground, beating insurmountable odds to finally find the path to true love. Books filled her life, and her list of favorite authors kept growing. When she finally mustered the courage to face the computer head-on and write, she felt an immediate kinship to those talented authors. Since she fell in love and married her high school sweetheart, she is definitely a romance author who believes in happy endings and writes love stories that warm the heart.She began her writing journey in 1995 and sold her first novel in 1998, appropriately named Chance in a Million. To date, she has sold sixteen books and counting, writing both Silhouette Desire and Harlequin Historical novels. Presently, she heads the Ask an Author program for the Orange County Chapter of RWA where she is proudly an active member. Please be sure to enter her contests, stop by for a chat and view her upcoming releases at: or email her at

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