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  • Orgullo y prejuicio

    Por Jane Austen ,

    en Clásicos y Ficción

    Vi-Da Global,

    páginas en Español

    ISBN: 9789876780971

    ePub (Sin DRM)

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    Acerca de Jane Austen

    Pride and Prejudice, released in 1813, was Jane Austen's second published novel. Her works were published anonymously during her lifetime, and she did not become the famous literary figure she is today until the late 1800s. Austen's novels are filled with witty and satiric commentary on the social conventions of her time.Fashion illustrator Sara Singh's art has appeared in s...uch publications as Vogue, the New York Times, and House Beautiful, and she has worked for designers like Givenchy, Tiffany, and Neiman Marcus.

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