Dios Usa Lápiz Labial

Por Karen Berg ,

en Autoayuda, Salud y Desarrollo Personal

The Kabbalah Centre

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ISBN: 9781571897732

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Durante 4.000 años, la Kabbalah ha sido prohibida para las mujeres. Hasta que una mujer decidió que ya era suficiente. Dirigiendo los Centros de Kabbalah internacionales junto con su esposo Rav Berg, Karen Berg hizo llegar por primera vez la sabiduría más antigua a todas las personas del mundo. Ahora, en Dios Usa Lápiz Labial, Karen revela el rol espiritual tan que la mujer tiene en el universo. Basándose en los secretos de la Kabbalah, Dios Usa Lápiz Labial explica la ventaja espiritual de la mujer, el poder de las almas gemelas y el verdadero propósito de la vida, y conduce una discusión sin barreras sobre diversos temas que abarcan desde el manejo de las relaciones hasta la reencarnación y el poder secreto y significado del sexo. 'Las mujeres somos las que alimentamos al mundo y, como tales, somos las mensajeras de Dios.' -Karen Berg

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Acerca de Karen Berg

Karen Berg is the Spiritual Director of Kabbalah Centre International. Over four decades ago, Karen and her husband Rav Berg set out to make Kabbalah understandable and relevant to people’s everyday life. Their goal was to provide people with spiritual tools based on kabbalistic principles that could be applied to improve lives and by doing so, make the world better.Un...der the leadership of Karen Berg, the Kabbalah Centre has grown from a single location into one of the world’s leading sources of spiritual wisdom with more than 40 Centres around the globe. The organization has provided tens of thousands of students with books, online courses, workshops, retreats, and lectures. One of Karen’s greatest passions lies in bringing peace to the world by increasing awareness of people’s similarities rather than their differences. In that spirit, she launched Kids Creating Peace, one of the Kabbalah Centre initiatives that works directly with children in war-torn areas of the world, with its focus currently being primarily between Palestinian and Israeli children.Karen travels extensively to communicate her message of peace – from Moscow to Mexico City, London to Caracas – she is constantly looking to help diverse groups work together. She has spoken at “Mastering the Ultimate Challenges” in London and Poland with Donna Karan; the 2009 “Women’s Conference” presented by Maria Shriver; “The Power of Peace Conference” in London with Dr. Jehan Sedat; and she led more than 1200 students of all faiths from the Kabbalah Centre on a march of peace with the Governor of Nablus, Palestine at the square that was once the location that sparked acts of hatred and war.

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