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to linger on hot coals Stephanie Paige and Bayly Cole
Why Do We Live? B. P.  Pai
Friction and Fantasy Ramon  Piñon Jr.
The People\'s Poet Walter  James
Do You Want to Drive, or Do You Want to Bitch? D.D. Moss
Eritrea at a Crossroads Andebrhan Welde  Giorgis
The Bright Side of the Dark! Mayuresh  Kulkarni
The Devil in His Blue Eyes Martin  Isherwood
Musings of a Vegetarian Traveller Maureen  Stone
African Son Azira  Khan
Lose Weight the Easy Way Christopher  Cherry
Egypt: The Split of an Identity
Goodnight, Elsie Anton  Apperley
Matters Of The Mind and The Heart BeverlyL. Moore
Just Add Music David J.  McMullen
Forever Limitless Love Roger  Dixie
Writings: Papers, Reviews, Articles, Short-Shorts, Thoughts José Flávio Nogueira  Guimarães
Poetry Through the Years Paul Anthony  Minger
Congratulations! You\'re Unemployed!~A complete Guide to finding your first job out of college. Michelle AbelC.P.C.
The Bones of the Bible IlaJean  Kragthorpe

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