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Supporting Disabled People with their Sexual Lives

Supporting Disabled People with their Sexual Lives Tuppy Owens


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    Supporting Disabled People with their Sexual Lives

    Editorial: Jessica Kingsley Publishers

    Idioma: Inglés

    ISBN: 9780857007629

    Formatos: ePub (con DRM de Adobe)


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      Many health and social care professionals today feel untrained, fearful and ill-equipped to support their disabled patients, clients and service users in their sexual lives. The result is that disabled people can be left feeling frustrated and afraid that their sexual needs will be forever unrecognised and unmet. This is a straight-talking guide to supporting disabled people with their sexual lives. It covers the range of difficulties disabled people experience, from physical limitations to problems such as lack of acceptance, knowledge and skills. The real difficulties professionals experience are also covered with positive suggestions, and a chapter on communication discusses how to discuss sex. Sections follow on the sexual services available to help, and the wide range of sexual diversities which disabled people can and do enjoy. A chapter by Claire de Than covers the law.This clear, down-to-earth guide will be essential reading for all those working with or supporting disabled people, from care home workers and managers to social workers, medical staff and therapists.
      Acerca de Tuppy Owens

      Tuppy Owens is the founder of Outsiders, a group providing peer support and dating opportunities for physically and socially disabled people. She also handles the Sex and Disability Helpline, and set up the Sexual Health and Disability Alliance (SHADA) for health and social care professionals. Tuppy has a Diploma in Human Sexuality, and has worked with and supported disabled people with their sexual lives for over 35 years.

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