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HANS ANDERSEN\'S TALES - Vol. 1 - 20 Illustrated Children\'s Tales Hans Christian Andersen
ERIC\'S BOOK OF BEASTS - 57 silly jingles and cartoons of animals and make-believe beasts for children David Starr Jordan
NAN of the GYPSIES - An American Coming of Age Novel  Grace May North
WELSH RAREBIT TALES - 15 Short Stories Harle Oren Cummins
MR PICKWICK\'S CHRISTMAS - the Pickwickians spend Christmas at the manor farm in Dingley Dell Charles Dickens
FRED FENTON ON THE TRACK - A Y.A. Sports Adventure Allan Chapman
THE ABSURD ABC - a satirical look at the world of Nursery Rhymes and Fairy Tales Walter Crane
Maidu Folklore Myths and Legends - 18 legends of the Maidu people Anon E. Mouse
LEGEND OF THE CALLE DE LA CRUZ VERDE - A legend of Mexico City Anon E. Mouse
SHAN FOLK LORE STORIES - 9 Children\'s Stories from the Hill Country of Old Burma Anon E. Mouse
FELICIA AND THE POT OF PINKS - A French Children’s Story Anon E Mouse
THE STORY OF A FIERCE, BAD RABBIT - Book 09 in the Tales of Peter Rabbit and friends Written and Illustrated By Beatrix Potter
THE WOLVES SKÖLL AND HATI - A Norse and Viking Legend Anon E Mouse
BELLING THE CAT - An Aesop\'s Fable for Children Anon E Mouse
A FAIRY BORROWING - a tale about fairies who borrow Anon E Mouse
A LION\'S STORY - A tale from Africa\'s Kalahari Bushmen Anon E Mouse
The Red Cross Knight - Stories from the Faerie Queene Book I Retold by Mary Macleod
TWO AMERICAN HOPI LEGENDS - A Bet Between The Coyoko And The Fox PLUS The Huruing Wuthi And The Sun - Baba Indaba Stories Anon E. Mouse
THE LEGEND OF BRITOMART - Stories from the Faerie Queen Book III  Unknown

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