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NAN of the GYPSIES - An American Coming of Age Novel  Grace May North
WELSH RAREBIT TALES - 15 Short Stories Harle Oren Cummins
ERIC\'S BOOK OF BEASTS - 57 silly jingles and cartoons of animals and make-believe beasts for children David Starr Jordan
FRED FENTON ON THE TRACK - A Y.A. Sports Adventure Allan Chapman
THE CHINESE FAIRY BOOK - 73 children\'s stories from China Anon E. Mouse
DOCTOR DOLITTLE\'S POST OFFICE - book 3 in the Dr. Dolittle Series Hugh Lofting
FAIRIES I HAVE MET - 12 exquisite fairy tales. Mrs Rodolph Stawell
THE LEGEND OF YORIMASA - A Japanese Legend Anon E. Mouse
A TALE OF TONTLAWALD - An Estonian Fairy Tale Anon E Mouse
TRADICIONES PERUANAS - 27 cuentos populares peruanos Ricardo Palma
THE WHITE TROUT - An Irish Children’s Story Anon E Mouse
THE ELEPHANT GIRLIE FACE - A Buddhist Jataka Tale Anon E. Mouse
FOLKLORE AND FAIRY TALES FROM BURMA - 21 Old Burmese Folk and Fairy tales Anon E. Mouse
TWO WELSH TALES - A Strange Otter and Melangell\'s Lambs Anon E Mouse
A POTTLE O\' BRAINS - An Old English Folk Tale Anon E Mouse
TWO AESOP\'S FABLES - The Raven and the Swan and The Frogs and the Ox Simplified for children Anon E Mouse
OUTA KAREL\'S STORIES - 15 South African Folk and Fairy Tales Anon E. Mouse
A STORY ABOUT A RABBIT - An Ancient Tibetan tale Anon E Mouse
LEGENDS of the IROQUOIS - 24 Native American Legends and Stories Anon E. Mouse
A DINNER AND ITS CONSEQUENCES - A Nipmuck Native American Tale Anon E Mouse

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