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Australian Legendary Tales - 31 Children\'s Aboriginal Stories from the Outback Various Unknown
THE JUNGLE BOOK - A Classic of Children\'s Literature Rudyard Kipling
THE SAGA OF BEOWULF - A Viking Saga retold in novel format Anon E. Mouse
THE WORLD-WIDE BOOK OF NURSERY TALES - 8 illustrated Fairy Tales plus a host of Nursery Rhymes Various
THE TRAVELS OF FUZZ AND BUZZ - The Unexpected Adventures of Two Field Mice Geraldine Mockler
LEGENDS & ROMANCES of BRITTANY - 162 Breton Myths and Legends Anon E. Mouse
McALISTER AND THE GREAT WAR - Book 2 in the McAlister Line Richard Marman
McALISTER\'s HOARD - Book 4 in the McAlister Line Richard Marman
THE BATTLE OF THE GIANTS - A Maori Legend of New Zealand Anon E. Mouse
MIGHTY MIKKO - 29 Children\'s Fairy Tales from Finland Anon E. Mouse
LEGENDS OF HAWAIIAN VOLCANOES - 20 Legends about Hawaii\'s Volcanoes Anon E. Mouse
PUSSY BLACK FACE - The Adventures of a Mischievous Kitten and his Friends Marshall Saunders
NINE UNLIKELY TALES - 9 illustrated magical stories E. Nesbit
PATIENCE STONE AND PATIENCE KNIFE - A Turkish Fairy Tale narrated by Baba Indaba Anon E. Mouse
THE ADVENTURES OF MAYA THE BEE - teaching children that all actions and decisions have consequences Waldemar Bonsels
MR STUBB\'S BROTHER - A Young Adult Circus Story James Otis
DOCTOR RABBIT and TOM WILDCAT - An illustrated story in the style of Peter Rabbit and Friends Thomas Clark Hinkle
PICCANINNIES - The flora of New Zealand explained for Children Isabel Maud Peacocke
MY BOOK OF TEN FISH - A Baba Indaba Children\'s Story Rosalie Mendel
THE FIRST BOOK OF FAIRY TALES - Raising funds for Children in Need Anon E. Mouse

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