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A TALE OF TONTLAWALD - An Estonian Fairy Tale Anon E Mouse
THE WHITE TROUT - An Irish Children’s Story Anon E Mouse
TWO WELSH TALES - A Strange Otter and Melangell\'s Lambs Anon E Mouse
A POTTLE O\' BRAINS - An Old English Folk Tale Anon E Mouse
TWO AESOP\'S FABLES - The Raven and the Swan and The Frogs and the Ox Simplified for children Anon E Mouse
A STORY ABOUT A RABBIT - An Ancient Tibetan tale Anon E Mouse
A DINNER AND ITS CONSEQUENCES - A Nipmuck Native American Tale Anon E Mouse
TWO BUSHMEN TALES - How the Coming of a Snake Announces a Death in the Family PLUS The Resurrection of the Ostrich Anon E Mouse
THE RISE AND FALL OF THE TOLTEC EMPIRE - An ancient Mexican legend Anon E Mouse
THE FUGITIVE PRINCE - The Stories and Adventures of Nezahualcoyotl, the Prince Regent of Tezcuco Anon E Mouse
The Creation Story of the Mixtecs - A Creation Story from Ancient Mexico Anon E Mouse
A CLEVER LASS - An Eastern European Fairy Tale Anon E Mouse
A LEGEND OF MANABOZHO - A Native American Creation Legend Anon E Mouse
A SON OF ADAM - A Tibetan Folktale Anon E Mouse
THE LEGEND OF LOUGH MASK - A Celtic Legend Anon E Mouse
A FAIRY DOG - How the fairie folk reward those who treat animals well Anon E Mouse
TWO WELSH FABLES - The Fable Of Gwrgan Farfdrwch and The Story Of The Pig-Trough Anon E Mouse
THE WIND RIDER - A Norse/Viking Tale with a Moral Anon E Mouse
THE MASTER AND HIS PUPIL - A Danish Children’s Story Anon E Mouse

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